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Treks in Himalaya details of Top treks in| himachal pradesh

Treks in Himalaya

Himalaya conjointly referred to as Abode of snow has invariably been supplying of inspiration for trekkers to explore way and more. It has its own place in the heart of trekkers/mountaineers. Trekking starts with smalls treks but once been to the Himalayas, it becomes difficult to stop coming here. 
One also experience pure water and a healthy environment. Even though being hard work of hiking, trekker returns home rejuvenated and unforgettable memories from Himalaya.


These treks are well-laid trails with villages/huts on the way and can be done without the help of guide with some pre-planning. Since these are not a very steep/long route, a minimum level of fitness attained after working out for 3-4 months should be enough.

Bhaba Pass Trek 2019,

About the Bhaba Pass Trek:

The Bhabha Pass trekking starts at Kafnu after you reach there from Shimla. Kafnu is a tiny hamlet in the Bhabha Valley, Kinnaur. The opening of the trek will showcase apple orchards, mea…

Solan:A district of Himachal Pradesh


Solan district of Himachal Pradesh derived its name from Mata Shoolini Devi. It is strongly believed that she largely saved Solan from been destroyed in ancient times. The district headquarter is dotted with many budgets and luxury lodges and hotels that perfectly caters to the needs and requirements of domestic and foreign tourists with a lot of perfection. This place is known for its beautiful hills and valley. There are many stunning scenic destinations and spots that make the tourists and vacationers enjoy their holidays with joy and thrill. This place can be reached by road and rail. There are many must-visit places in this particular district.

Places of interest
In Solan, there are only a few places of interest. They are Jawahar Park and children’s park on Mall Road that caters to the recreational and picnic spot for the domestic and foreign tourists and vacationers.The popular temples of this district are Jatoli mandir on Ramgarh road and Mata Shoolini Devi temple near the K…


Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever seen a bird flying high, and 
wondered what it would be like to look down from the sky? You may not be able to fly with natural wings, but the closest you can get to feeling like a bird is with paragliding. To make the experience better, try paragliding in Himachal and mesmerize yourself with a 360-degree view of the surrounding peaks while the cool, refreshing wind blows on your face. Paragliding adventures in Himachal give the chance to feel extreme thrill whereas appreciating the sweetness of the mighty chain at an equivalent time.

What makes Himachal paragliding stand out is that the presence of high mountains within the region. Being at a good height, the launching points in the region allow a paraglider to stay in the air for a long time. Be it vistas of lush valleys, gurgling rivers or the never-ending expanse of snow-covered peaks, you can see it all in a way you never did before.

About Paragliding

Paragliding is a competitive and recre…

Lok Sabha Election-2019 -Himachal Pradesh

Commission said on March 10, 2019 that India will conduct its 2019 Lok Sabha General Elections in seven phases across the country starting from April 11 and ending on May 19, 2019. After the polling, the votes will be counted all over the country on May 23 and the results will be declared by the evening on the same day. India will elect its Members of Parliament from its 543 constituencies. The tenure of the present government is ending on June 3, 2019 and the election results will decide who will form the next government

In Himachal Pradesh, polling for the Lok Sabha Elections will be held on the 7th and the last phase of voting on May 19, 2019. There are only four Lok Sabha constituencies in Himachal Pradesh and all of them will elect their representatives on the same day

Phase -7 (Date of polling: May 19, 2019) 

Constituencies: Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur, and Shimla 



NOTA votes count, however in case the majority of the votes are NOTA, t…

himachal pradesh:result +2 result out 2018-2019 batch

TOPPER scored 98.8% in HPBOSE 12th examination 
Total of 49136 male candidates have appeared for the exam, of which 28375 passed 
A total  of 45784 female candidates registered of which 30574 passed

official site for result check your result




Hello, everyone today I am going to show you places nearby Sangla village that you can travel. All the placers have their own history and  natural beauty 
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Sangla is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. In Tibetan, the term Sangala suggests that pass of sunshine that refers to the natural depression receiving daylight throughout the day. To get here, tourists must make their way to either Delhi or Chandigarh. From Delhi, Sangla natural depression is quite 500 km away. From Chandigarh, it is around 350 km. Whichever city you choose to make your way to Sangla, you will have to pass through Shimla. From Shimla, it is another 6-8 hours away. Visitors were prohibited to enter this region before as a result of it absolutely was located on the point of the Tibetan border; twenty-five years on an…


Hello everyone today I am going to show you the top lakes of Kinnaur district 
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Kara Lake is a hypnotizing destination arranged along the Bhaba River. Bhaba Valley bears grand wonderful qualities with shocking scenes and pleasant excellence. Bhaba Valley is trekker's enjoyment, an author's creative energy, writers thought and a paradise for nature mates. The Bhaba valley is understood for its beautiful and superb surroundings-thick backwoods and rich green blossom-strewn knolls. The way of this trek moves through single yield fields of Mastrang and goes through blended timberland of conifers. The track brings us through little clearings of potato and buckwheat till it achieves the glades of Mulling. Over the pass, one is dazed on entering Spiti. The mountainscape has a fascinating appearance. Fruitless, tough Rocky Mountains ascend from the valley floor to sta…


Hello everyone today I am going to tell YOU about the places of Reckong Peo Kinnaur district.
I am sharing my personal experiences on which I have made a list of wonderful places of Reckong Peo Kinnaur district Himachal Pradesh.


Reckong Peo is settled at Associate in Nursing altitude of 2290 meters higher than the ocean level. As per history, it was born on 1st May 1960 and was known as Kinnaura earlier. Between the 9th and 12th century, the district was ruled by the Guge Kingdom of Tibet. It was once the rule that the district was divided into seven elements that were put together called Sabbatum Khund. The district was then conquered by Akbar after which it became a part of the Mughal Empire. After the Mughal Empire came to an end, the district came to be known as Chini Tehsil which was an important part in the progress of the region. Reckong Peo has varied facilities as well as medicines, electronic accessories and general stores. There are numerous small hotels present …