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Treks in Himalaya details of Top treks in| himachal pradesh

Treks in Himalaya
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Himalaya conjointly referred to as Abode of snow has invariably been supplying of inspiration for trekkers to explore way and more. It has its own place in the heart of trekkers/mountaineers. Trekking starts with smalls treks but once been to the Himalayas, it becomes difficult to stop coming here. 
One also experience pure water and a healthy environment. Even though being hard work of hiking, trekker returns home rejuvenated and unforgettable memories from Himalaya.


These treks are well-laid trails with villages/huts on the way and can be done without the help of guide with some pre-planning. Since these are not a very steep/long route, a minimum level of fitness attained after working out for 3-4 months should be enough.

Bhaba Pass Trek 2019,
Gongga Snow Mountain, Cloud, On Foot

About the Bhaba Pass Trek:

The Bhabha Pass trekking starts at Kafnu after you reach there from Shimla. Kafnu is a tiny hamlet in the Bhabha Valley, Kinnaur. The opening of the trek will showcase apple orchards, meadows and a considerable natural splendor on the way to Mulling, a particular factor you will camp at for the duration of the trek. From Mulling to the next to give up that is Kara, you will go via some of the adventurous moments like river crossing and nature walk. Brace yourself to get bewitched by means of the attractive sights of vibrant peaks lying on the border of Kinnaur and Spiti.

 At the top, you will be rewarded with the endless views of many mountain passes and the famous Pin Parvati Pass. Baldar, Mudh, and then Kaza are the destinations to cowl in the remaining stretch of the trek.

On the final leg, you will be going to visit the well-known Chandra Tal Lake and Kunzum La Pass which will really add extra glamour to your exciting trek. From Chandratal, your trek goes to Manali the place the outing comes to a conclusion.

About the Destination:

For those of you in search of divine splendor and interesting experiences in your Himachal trekking Packages, the Bhaba Pass trek is the best option. The path opens up to the ethereal charms of Himachal Pradesh. Proud peaks and amazing river valleys of the location appear as if it used to be made for adventure. Along with alpine adrenaline, the nation additionally appeals with a rich Himachali culture and Buddhist monasteries.

Make way through apple orchards and winsome wooded location to whole the Bhabha Pass trek, where you can soak in the points of interest of Parvati Pin Pass. At Chandratal Lake, savor the enthralling points of interest of turquoise waters ringed through excessive mountains. Other delights encompass crossing natural bridges over rivers, feasting your eyes on pink mountains and taking part in a trail thru a carpet full of alpine flowers.

A lot of trekkers get harassed with Pin Parvati Trek and Pin Bhabha Pass Trek and surprise which one is higher than the other. But these two are exceptional as well as equally difficult trek. Bhabha Pass has so a good deal beauty as Pin Parvati has. But this trek also suggests vast open grassland where you can camp at, stunning forests and interesting landscapes at some points.

Quick Facts:

Temperature: Day: 13°C to  and Night: 0°C

Maximum Altitude: 16,105 ft

Difficulty Level: Difficult 

Spiti Valley Trek Via Pin Parvati Pass 2019
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About the Destination:

Get enchanted via the treasures of nature with the aid of taking Manali to Spiti Valley in the scenic environs of Himachal Pradesh. Blessed by means of the Himalayan river waters, quaint villages, dense woods and terraced fields this trek is one that can't be missed.

Spiti actually derived as ‘The Middle Land’ stands between Tibet and India in the high mountainous Himalayas. Enveloped in scenic landscapes and intimidating mountains, reputed as a research and lifestyle center for Buddhists, this valley is caressed by way of Barley fields and little hamlets.

The staggering Pin Parvati skip is the confluence of Parvati valley on the Kullu side and Pin valley on the Spiti side. This trek trails thru tough steep terrains and snowy fields whilst offering high-quality attractions of glaciers, moraines giving you a feeling of being on a pinnacle of the world.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Kheerganga Trek with Camping, 2019 
Teepee, Tee-Pee, Tipis, Tent, Indian

To  book Call: 919816354664

Available Group Departure: Can be arranged on any date if you are extra than 2 people.

Group Size: Min- 1, Max- 20

Kheerganga Trekking Distance: 12 km

Temperature: 2°C and 7°C
Difficulty Level: medium
Starting and Ending Point: Bharsaini {To reach Bharsaini, take nearby transport from Kasol or rent a cab}

About the Kheerganga Trek:

Embark on this pleasant trekking to Kheerganga that allows you to explore the real beauty of Kheerganga. Trek via the rugged mountainous terrain that takes you thru beautiful landscapes. Get delighted in the natural splendor accompanying you. Make your way through beautiful tiny hamlets and witness the nearby life of the human beings of Kasol. Reach the top and take a dip in the warm springs of the Parvati Kund Camp for the night time basking in the serenity of the surrounding mountains and gorges.

About the Kheerganga:

Kasol in Himachal Pradesh has emerged out as one of the preferred getaways for the city crowd and into the lap of nature's great landscapes. The Parvati valley is one of the satisfactory locations in Himachal. It is full of surprises, treks, beauty and all matters true to make anyone who comes right here feel proper at home. Kheerganga Trek by means of ways is one of the most well-known treks 

Tosh Valley Trek 2019
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To book, Call us at +919816354664

Available Group Departure: Tosh Valley trek can be organized on any date if you are extra than 2 people.

About the Tosh Trek:

Indulge your visible senses as you take on the Tosh valley trek, a trail that will take you across the periphery of the mighty Himalayas. A village at the end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is situated at a height of 7,874ft and leads to the stunning Pin Parvati Pass.

The Tosh River right here is an offshoot of the Parvati River, which suckles into the foremost river at Pulga. An incredible factor to the word here is that the valley of Tosh is simply domestic to a tributary of the river Parvati, which additionally goes via the identify River Tosh.

This capacity that as soon as you arrive at a factor after the trek to Tosh, the place a smaller river move is feeding its waters into the grand Parvati Valley, you have arrived at the starting factor of Tosh Valley.

Quick Facts:

Trekking Distance: 6 km

Temperature: 2°C and 7°C

Maximum Altitude: 7,900 feet

Difficulty Level: Easy

Starting and Ending Point: Bharsaini {To go Bharsaini, take a nearby bus from Kasol or rent a cab

Chandratal Lake Trek with Hampta Pass 2019 Nature, Landscape, Green, Water, Lake

About the Chandratal Lake Trek:

Five days of Chandratal Lake trekking bundle will enable you to spend ample time amidst the flabbergasting serenity mixed with so a whole lot exciting and excitement. Vasisht Temple will be the stopping factor on your way to Chika. So many warm water springs will additionally give you the right time to relax.

Chika to Balu ka Ghera suggests you the towering Himalayas, especially the Dhauladhar ranges which are the outer Himalayan chain of mountains. The bewildering flowering meadows and valleys that create a pleasant picture-perfect surrounding for you to revel in are some of the predominant highlights of this trek.

Shea Goru valley and Hampta Pass which are at a height of 13000 ft need an 8-hour trek from Balu ka Ghera. It entails a dynamic landscape at the quit of effortless and gradual slopes. The nearby shepherds you can see on the way would discover it cool if you have a little chit-chat with them. The spellbinding Hampta Valley and the Lahaul Valley will have a lot to reveal to you. Expect both the valleys sharing the quality splendor of their nature. Witness the impressive Pir Panjal tiers of the internal Himalayan circle appear in advance of you when you trek to reach Chandra Tal. After exploring the splendor of Chandra Tal very well, return to Manali after crossing Rohtang Pass and wind up the trek.

About the Destination:

The Chandratal Lake Trek with Hampta Pass, a treasure trove for the ardent as properly beginner trekkers, holds the charm and allurement like any different treks in the Himalayas. 
This excessive altitude trek taking place 14,000ft above sea degree can be undertaken all year round. But to get bewildered by its charming beauty, visit the place from June to September when nature looks to have painted a spellbinding frame with every possible myriad hue.

it additionally receives you close to the existence and spirit amidst the lofty peaks. With effortless gradients, climbs and descends, this trek will surely satiate all your quench for trekking in the Indian Himalayas.

Quick Facts:

Trekking Distance: 26km

Maximum Altitude: 14,100ft

Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
Airport: Bhuntar Airport 

Starry Night, Mountains, Landscape, Lake

Things to Carry on a Himachal Trekking Tour 

- Suitable and waterproof back-pack

- Trekking gears: sleeping bags and mats, rucksack, ropes and walking stick

- Waterproof clothing: jackets, windcheater and other similar

- Proper shoes

- Water bottles

- Clothes according to the season

- Caps or hats, towels and handkerchiefs

- An extra pair of socks, shoelaces, and undergarments

- Torchlight with extra cells and bulbs

- Basic medicines and first-aid kits

- Matchbox or lighter, insect repellents, plastic bags, and toiletry items

- Multipurpose knife or other similar accessories

- Journal to keep track of everything

- Waterproof and airtight containers

- Handy cams or cameras

- Slippers to relax at the end of the tour 

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